Call for Nominations – Now Closed for 2016

Take this opportunity to recognize outstanding and innovative initiatives being delivered across Canada’s Public Sector. Nominate teams or individuals who have made a difference in public service delivery leveraging information technology and information management. GTEC’s coveted Distinction Awards apply to ICT-enabled initiatives across municipal, provincial and federal jurisdictions in Canada – help us acknowledge outstanding work in public service deliver to Canadians!



Closed on June 6, 2016


Closed on July 25, 2016

Learn How to Submit – Watch the Nominations Tutorial



Anyone can nominate a team or individual that meets the Nomination Eligibility as outlined below.


  • Leadership Nominations: Any individual currently working in the public service of Canada can be nominated, including Deputy Minister and Associate/Assistant Deputy Ministers or their equivalents
  • Team Nominations: Any team currently working in the public service of Canada, excluding Deputy Ministers and Associate/Assistant Deputy Ministers (or their equivalent)
  • Projects must be completed between March 31, 2015 to April 1, 2016 and must present tangible results
  • Projects must involve some use of technology to achieve outcomes

Submissions related to initiatives or projects of all sizes and any scope are encouraged. The submitted project/pilot/initiative must be completed in the timeline outlined above, with supporting endorsement/reference documentation, otherwise the submission will not be considered.


  • UPDATE for 2016 – Nominations must include at minimum one (1) endorsement/reference that can be in letter or electronic (email) form with signature included;
  • References are best to come from stakeholders and/or users to substantiate the initiative;
  • Please address letter to: GTEC Awards, c/o Silvia Villon, 360 Albert Street, Suite 620, Constitution Square, Tower I, Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7 and are to be sent in PDF format to;
  • Must demonstrate tangible/quantifiable results within the eligibility timeframe;
  • Must provide all information as requested for all parts of the ballot;
  • Must answer all Evaluation Criteria questions requested within the word limit and font style (Arial 9pt).


  1. Review Eligibility and Mandatory items in the Nomination Guidelines (version français ici)
  2. Review the Evaluation Criteria and Category Questions (version français ici)
  3. Choose the Category you wish to nominate in
  4. Must fill out the online “Request a Ballot” survey by May 20, 2016
  5. Download the ballot form
  6. Complete in full detail the information requested on the ballot form. Be as elaborate and informative as possible. You have an option to provide supporting documentation, however, they are not considered part of the evaluation;
  7. Submit completed nomination ballot, in fillable format (not printed PDF) via email to:


An individual (Leadership) or team nomination may be submitted under only one (1) category under one ballot form. However, should your initiative be fitting to more than one category, please indicate which other category(ies) may be appropriate. Judges reserve the right to move any nomination to a more appropriate category, if it is in the best interest of the nomination.

– Nominations are accepted in either official language. However, if a nomination is selected as an Honouree, items noted within the ballot with an asterix (*) will be required in both official languages.

– Nominations that were not successful in a previous year’s Distinction Awards Program may be re-submitted if it can be clearly shown that the nominated project has made substantial progress and achieved tangible/quantifiable results.


The judging of the award nominations is conducted in two stages:

Stage 1 – an Honouree Selection Committee, comprised of over 20 senior professionals from both public and private sector, screens all nominations against the Innovation Qualifying and Category Specific criteria, across each of Municipal, Provincial, and Federal groups, and identifies those who it deems deserving as an Honouree.

Stage 2 – a separate, smaller panel of senior officials from both public and private sector is appointed by GTEC to judge the Honourees and determine the Distinction Award winners (Medalists) within each of the categories including the Leadership Award.


Honourees selected will be notified approximately two (2) months prior to the event – mid-August timeframe – before the public announcement is made in September. NOTE: We ask that Honourees refrain from making any internal/external announcements of your selection as an Honouree until the official announcement by GTEC is made in September.

Medalists will be announced the evening of the Distinction Awards Ceremony & Gala on November 1, 2016.



Once announced, each Honouree and Medalist project will receive a GTEC-designed electronic signature button signifying their status as a GTEC Distinction Awards Honouree and/or Medalist. This button can be used in your respective email correspondence, on departmental websites and through social media.


The Celebration of Excellence begins with a reception recognizing the selected Honourees of the Distinction Awards Program in October 2016. This reception is by invitation only.

Each Honouree project receives up to 10 invitations to the Honouree Reception and one (1) 16×20 Framed Laminated Service Delivery Award Certificate which lists up to 200 team members. These certificates will be on display at the reception and will be available for each Honouree designate to take back to their office.


Each Honouree project will be announced by category/group at the Distinction Awards Gala, to be held on November 1, 2016. One (1) medal winner per category/group, totaling up to 16 medals, can be won each year.  For the Leadership Award, up to three (3) outstanding leaders will be awarded for nominations received across all levels of government:  Municipal, Provincial, Federal.

Each Honouree project receives two (2) complimentary tickets to the Gala to be used by the representatives who will accept the award on behalf of the Honouree project. Honouree departments may purchase additional tickets online in October 2016. (See special discounted rates for group tickets, COMING SOON .)