Change is a process, not a pilot

Before tackling any collaborative or innovative project, I think it is important to address the issue of projects versus process.

Nick Charney commented briefly on a tendency that we have in government to treat ideation (the process of creating innovative ideas) as projects: “We had too short a shadow of the future and as a result treated ideation as a one shot deal rather than an iterative and continuous process.”

He is right. We tend to treat change as a project. Oftentimes, we

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The convergence of marketing and technology

It’s now time for a post on the GTEC blog from the technophobe in the group.  It’s not that I am afraid of technology.  OK, maybe I am a bit but I do embrace technology and I understand the relevance it has in our lives.  Ironically, I have spent the majority of my career immersed in a technology environment.  This is ironic for two reasons.  The first one I’ve already stated – I am a technophobe.  The second reason has

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GTEC Distinction Awards

I started my career in the public service in the month of May in 2009, in an IM/IT organization, and the topic of the GTEC Distinction Awards came up remarkably quickly. The head of the organization was canvassing his executives for the best of the technology best, and strongly encouraging nominations. The message was clear: this is important.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to attend GTEC and to become more familiar with the community, and the importance of the Distinction

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Believing in Positive Change

In my last post, I was given the opportunity to kick-off the GTEC blog and get things rolling leading up to the 2012 event. At that time, I didn’t realize the depth of the discussion that was about to ensue, and I want to use this post to reminisce about some of my own experiences and to tie the previous blog topics together.
The most significant theme that has emerged is the importance of people to an organization. Whether we are

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My Citizen Engagement Ah-ha Moment

In retrospect now, when I first found myself in a room talking citizen engagement, I didn’t REALLY get it. I had come out of the education sector and had just implemented a fairly large legislative and policy change that allowed for a robust k-12 online learning system in the Province.

Citizen engagement? Who has the time? That my first thought.

Had we done citizen engagement in my old world we would have never made the legislative window. And furthermore, what if parents

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Technology in the workplace: 25 years of innovation

I suspect I’m among the older bloggers asked to contribute to the GTEC blog this year and maybe that’s why it was suggested that I compare technology past and present.

At first blush, I wasn’t sure that I’d have much to say on the topic, but as I gave it more thought, I realized that even the more subtle shifts in technology have had impacts on our work lives, not all of them positive.

So take a trip with me down memory

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Agora, Shared Services Canada’s Employee-Driven Innovation Network

Agora, as the emerging Shared Services Canada (SSC) employee-driven innovation network, was asked to provide some perspective on how it plans to mobilize people and ideas. With a new organization such as SSC, there are several points we wish to discuss with relation to GTEC; however, we will aim to hone our focus. The conference is one that highlights and values the importance of technology within our workplace, but also allows us to have the conversation around how technology can

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A Portrait of the Public Service and its Favourite Buzzwords

You’ve heard them before, you might even be sick of them. “Collaboration,” “innovation,” and “engagement.” These words embody concepts that are so key to transforming the public service, and yet, they have arguably lost some meaning in their abundant and varied use.

“Lost some meaning?” Pfft, to say the least. I hear those words randomly sprinkled around like two scoops of raisin in Raisin Bran.

First of all, that was my high school English teacher’s favourite simile to describe how not to

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Valuing People

I am thrilled to be blogging about GTEC’s Valuing people theme. Not only do I deal with this topic in my day job as Values and Ethics Advisor, but I am an ENFJ (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and we genuinely love people and everything about them.  I always look for opportunities to connect with individuals as I feed off their energy and learn something new or interesting that I can apply to my life or a situation that may come

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